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The First and the World’s #1 Online Platform for Recruiting Postdocs Since 1999

  • Our History

    The first and #1 online service dedicated for postdoc recruitment.

    PostdocJobs.com (or Postdoc.com) started its service as postdoc network in 1999, later became part of AmeriCareers.com Network. PostdocJobs.com helped thousands of university professors, government agencies, research institutions and companies for successfully recruiting postdoctoral fellows and researchers. It has become a major platform for postdoc recruitment worldwide.

  • Our Mission

    Find the best and brightest candidates

    PostdocJobs.com’s mission is to find the best and brightest candidates for employers, and assist those who have obtained their doctoral degrees to find postdoc positions and build their professional careers.

  • Our Network

    Reach a large number of potentially qualified candidates

    Through our career network sites, employers can reach a large number of qualified candidates. PostdocJobs.com is part of AmeriCareers.com network which includes:

    • PostdocJobs.com -- the first and No. 1 career site to recruit postdoctoral fellows and researchers.
    • UniversityJobs.com -- The leading job board for college and university faculty and staff recruitment.
    • ScienceJobs.org -- the premier solution for recruiting science faculty and research scientists worldwide. It advertises all science related positions, whether it is in academia, government or industry.
  • Our Results

    Best match for employers and candidates

    Since 1999, PostdocJobs.com has been the premier platform for online recruitment for postdocs. Jobs advertised on our websites have excellent response and employers have been happy about the results. Take a look at what they have to say (view customer testimonials).

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